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Create your family portrait by choosing the characters that look like you!

An original gift !! A great decoration idea !!

Discover our unique ceramic creations. Create “your family portrait” colorful and joyful in 3D entirely handmade in our workshop to satisfy young and old for all occasions ... to celebrate Christmas, a Birth, a Birthday. Our original and colorful frames will dress your walls in a contemporary, playful way that represents your FAMILY HAPPINESS. Bring happiness to your family, loved ones, friends, colleagues.

cadre de famille

LES SMOTES® are Original Creations, Entirely handmade, professional and passionate French Artisan since 1990.

Creators of the “FAMILY PORTRAIT” concept Trademark ® © INPI OHMI international and Copyright) LES S'MOTES®.

Nature lovers and in an ecological respect for our planet our little characters are made with natural materials and paints as well as our pine wood frames from the Landes, entirely handcrafted in our workshop at LA TESTE DE BUCH in GIRONDE (33 ).

cadre de famille
cadre de famille
cadre de famille


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Create your family portrait

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